Friday, January 13, 2017

Steve Earle on Guy Clark

"At Nashville Gig, Outlaw Folkie Steve Earle Honors Late Mentor Guy Clark with “Goodbye Michelangelo"' -- Caine O'Rear

Sunday, January 8, 2017

"Night Drive, Travels With My Brother"

Garnet Rogers amply displays his wicked sense of humor throughout the pages of "Night Drive, Travels With My Brother."

Such as:

"Being in a band is a bit like running away to join a low rent circus or a badly organized pirate ship"

"Smales Pace was run by a trio of brothers with a love for folk music coupled with a fiduciary death wish"

About a photo shoot: "...It was the middle of the day, and we were squinting and smiling against the bright sunlight, while dutifully holding our instruments up, so that people in the future would know we were musicians and not actually heading to the Texas Book Depository."

"It looked less like a folk club and more like the sort of place where a group of men might gather to empty their pistols into some poor wretch tied to a chair while yelling 'Long Live Mother Russia.'"

When pulled over on the highway by the police: "...the air inside the van smelled of gin and limes and tonic water and cigarette smoke. The cops would know there were only two possibilities. We'd either been drinking or we had kidnapped Noel Coward."

It's a marvelous and intimate read.

Rodney Crowell with new release

"Rodney Crowell Enlists Rosanne Cash, Sheryl Crow, And John Paul White for Close Ties" -- Callie O'Rear

"Hope's Too Hard" -- Kate Campbell

"Hope's Too Hard" by Kate Campbell

Quite the moving chrous here.

Interesting newcomer: Michael Howard

Michard Howard has an intriguing music background coming from the punk rock genre. His songs are oblique with plenty or reading-between-the-lines spaciousness.

Here are a pair of reviews of his 2016 release:

Album Review: Michael Howard - Gasoline Dream

Punk Do-It-Yourself Ethic Morphs Into Americana Brilliance


"She’s okay with wet cigarettes and roses in her hair
She is the finest thing
She’s alright with Brooklyn, and she’s alright by me
Oh darling, you were meant for me

Her mother was a mystic, she is a magical child
Her love is the sweetest thing
We both agreed the Boomers sucked and we wondered why the 60’s died
Well some things, they just aren’t meant to be

Meet me at the front lines, I hear there is something going on
I ain’t sure what it looks like, but I’m sure that you and me can carry on
And we’ll carry on
And all the king’s army came along

She took her body back in time, and she came back as a subway line
Beneath those New York streets
I came back as the Y.P.G. all bleeding out in the infantry
But what’s that got to do with you and me

Meet me at the front lines, I hear there is something going on
I ain’t sure what it looks like, but I’m sure that you and me can carry on
And we’ll carry on
And all the king’s army came along

Then one by one we occupied where the brokers guard the money lines
And there we made our stand
They mocked what we were fighting for “Poor boy, give up your father’s war”
But my darling she’s too good to me

Now halfway through her cigarette with asphalt in her hair
She is the finest thing
We sank into each others’ eyes under billy clubs and flashing lights
Oh darling, you were meant for me

Meet me at the front lines, I hear there is something going on
I ain’t sure what it looks like, but I’m sure that you and me can carry on
And we’ll carry on
And all the king’s army came along"


"Writhing and wringing in gasoline dreams 
Together accepting some damned destiny 
We let out the string so recklessly 
Not daring to reckon the risk it would be 
To be gone in a gasoline dream 

Remember the miracles that burst in your veins 
Undressing for centuries, face first through the green 
In pitch perfect shadows, hot hallowing scenes 
Then I stole out the exit so purposefully 
Gone in a gasoline dream 

I mirrored the moon across tangerine sands 
Bound by some circumstance I will never understand 
As the raven went ransacking sycamore trees 
Eyes pine to peel back the past back to the start 
Gone in a gasoline dream 

My lover your weeping could not set us free 
This quake will end quickly, it will end in defeat 
Awake from your wondering, from this gasoline dream 
I am gone I am gone wherever that be 
I am gone I am gone wherever that be 
When you call out my name, when you reach out for me 
I'll be gone in a gasoline dream"


"I came in hot to a Northwest city where Timmy pounds the steel 
He has the words To Hell With The Government flung out in a trash tattoo 
I was feeling like whole bunch of wild dogs. I was feeling like a speeding train 
I was thinking about a girl from Gainesville, how I gotta get back there soon 

I hate turning back like the east hates west, and I really hate your town 
I made a bet and put my money down on a horse named “California” 
I missed the race and I’m low on sleep and I’ll probably lose my mind 
But I’m pushing hard until I hit New York, where I gotta pick up a typewriter 

I was moving fast leaving burning tracks. Lord knows I’m a misguided fool 
I fought my way from town to town, but I don’t think the West was won 
I held my fist and I burned my list and I drank like I had nothing to lose 
‘Til god and you and me made sense and I finally came undone, unglued 

I went up on a mountain, but I came back down again 
I sold the rifle on my shoulder to pay for my last meal 
I took my dagger from its holder, and I turned it back on me 
I opened up my chest. And in the emptiness, all I wanted was to feel 

I sold my heart to the Butcher, he fed it to the hipsters and the wannabes 
I gave the rest to the witches, to the brokers and the thieves 
They said “There ain’t no revolution, no there’s nothing on TV” 
Hog Butcher, Hog Butcher what’d you do to me? Can you help me get to heaven?"

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ken Nagelberg's Top Five Songs of 2016

Ken Nagelberg <profken@GMAIL.COM>
Top Five Songs of 2016, "It's For Folks," WHYR, Baton Rouge, LA

Disclaimer:  The selection is based solely on the judgment of the host of
"It's For Folks," Ken "Dr. K" Nagelberg. Judgment was based on having a
melody that quickly is absorbed by listeners but remains fresh after
multiple listening;  lyrics that show depth of emotion, complexity, and/or
expression of an important idea or human condition; vocals (where used)
that are well performed, on pitch, and harmonies (where used) that are
pleasing and blend well;  instrumental skills; and high quality mixing and
mastering. The songs do not necessarily represent the Top Five Albums, but
they have all been played multiple times during the year on "It's For
Folks." Selected artists may feel free to use their selection in
promotional materials, so long as they credit "It's For Folks, hosted by
Ken "Dr. K" Nagelberg, from WHYR, Baton Rouge Community Radio."  Thank you, artists, producers, and record companies for all the good folk music you
sent me this year!


*#1*--Gina Forsyth/Sparrows/Copper Rooster & Other Tunes &

*#2*--Lauren Heintz/Travelin’ Fool/Where I Belong/2016/Gatorbone

*#3*--Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes/Sara’s Hole in the Ground/Welcoming the

*#4*--Rebecca Folsom/Extraordinary Days/Extraordinary Days/2016/(self)

*#5*--Thomas Hine/Just Like Juan Ortiz/Some Notion or Novelty/2016/THM

Jim Canales/The Acoustic Revival Best Of 2016 Playlist (Part 1)

Jim Canales <canaljg@GMAIL.COM>
Best Of 2016 Playlist (Part 1)The Acoustic Revival

The Acoustic Revival is heard weekly on 90FM WWSP for three hours on Sunday mornings. This playlist is from the first of two Best Of 2016 radio shows.  I will host Part 2 next Sunday morning from 9-noon CST on

90FM is the largest student run FM station in the Midwest, with 30,000 watts of power and covering all of central Wisconsin.  I am a volunteer and have been with 90FM since 2001.

Here is my playlist from Sundays show.  Part 2 Best Of coming next week. 62 discs all told...486 albums received and reviewed.

Qualifiers for "Best Of" same as in other years:

* Chosen from albums received, recognizing that there were many other great albums made in 2016 that never made it here.

* Chosen from albums received in 2016, and may have been produced in 2015.

* Chosen for the depth of great songs on a particular album - usually four or more that were marked for radio play.

* Chosen because I really liked them!

Best Of 2016 Playlist, Part 1:

1.Slaid Cleaves - One Good Year - Broken Down - Rounder (For New years Day!)

2.Jason Wilber - A Song For You - Echoes - Self

3.Lizanne Knott - It Ain't Necessarily So - Excellent Day - Proper

4.Mark Erelli - For A Song - For A song - Self

5.Birds Of Chicago - Barley - Real Midnight - Five head

6.Paul Sachs - the Best Hope Can Do - Love Is Love - Self

7.Dead Horses - Golden Sky - Cartoon Moon - Self

8.Dead Horses - Red pony - Cartoon Moon - Self

9.Adam Steffy - No Place To Hide - Here To Stay - Mountain Home

10.Mountain Heart - She'll Come Back To Me - Blue Skies - compass - Burning Bridgett Cleary - The Mountain - These Are The Days - Self

11.The Bombadils - Wild Mountain Thyme - New Shoes - Borealis

12.The Bombadils - I'll Remember You Love In My Dreams - New Shoes - Borealis

13.Matt Patershuk - Harviestown - I Was So Fond Of You - Self

14.The Belle Hollows - Jonah - Millers Creek - el Hill

15.Jack Tempchin - Around Midnight - One More Song - Bluelan

16.Moors and Mccumber - Quick As I Can - Live From Blue rock - self

17.Levi Parham - Wrong Way To Hold A Man - These American Blues - Music road

18.Matt Patershuk - The Prettiest Ones - I Was So Fond Of You - Self

19.Old Man Kelly - Jesus Is My Co-Pilot - Off My Lawn! - Self

20.Rob McNurlin - Got Enough Jesus - The Gospel Guitar - Buffalo Skinner

21.Coty Hogue - Are You Down - Flight - self

22.Rob Heath - Drive - The Key - Self

23.Old Man Kelly - Exitville - Off My Lawn! - Self

24.James Lee Stanley - the Street Where Mercy Died - A Live At Last - Beachwood 

25.T-Sisters - Shadoop - T-Sisters - Self

26.Matt Woods - No News - How to Survive - Lonely Ones

27.Johnny Nicholas - How Do You Follow A Broken Heart? - Fresh Air - Self

28.Seth Walker - the Sound Of Your Voice - Gotta Get Back - the Royal Potato Family

29.David Bromberg Band - A Fool For You - The Blues, The Whole Blues, and Nothing But The Blues - Red House

30.Birds of Chicago - Sparrow - Real Midnight - Five Head

31.The Rifters - Architecture O A Fire - Architecture Of A Fire - Howling Dog

32.Steve Dawson - Riley's Henhouse Door - Solid States and Loose Ends - Black Hen

33.Gillian Welch - Wichita - Boots No 1 - Acony

34.Gillian Welch - Annabelle - Boots No 1 - Acony

35.David Mallet - Hard To Live These Country Songs - Celebration - North Road

36.Doolin' - Le Jupon Blanc - Doolin' - compass

37.The Rifters - I Can Live With - Architecture Of A Fire

38.Howard and Skye  - Milkweed - Self