Sunday, April 16, 2017

Highlights from Jeff Emery's KZSC show today

Below are some of the highlights played bu DJ Jeff Emery on KZSC today:

Friday, April 7, 2017

Joe Crookston

Joe Crookston remains a relatively unknown singer-songwriter probably due to lack of touring in certain areas of the country (not crossing the Mississippi all that often nor coming out West) but he certainly has an extensive repertoire of engaging, memorable songs. Enjoy.

Monday, March 27, 2017

"Before I Go" - Ordinary Elephant

"Before I Go"  

This is not a CD for background 'listening' as the music and lyrics are subtle and need full attention in order to benefit from, let alone appreciate, what is being presented. Definitely recommended if primarily quiet, reflective folk music is your liking.

The latter half of the CD finishes particularly strongly with cuts #7 through #13 all recommended. But discover your own favorites.

The most enjoyable cuts:

*  #2 "Railroad Man"

* #7 "Lady in the Elevator"

* #8 "Who I Am"

* #9 "Evangeline"

* #10 "The Things He Saw"

* #11 "Washington Said East"

* #12 "Before I Go"

* #13 "Thank You"

All cuts are FCC compliant except for "Another Day" at the 0:57 mark.

"Big Things and Little Things" -- Truckstop Honeymoon

"Big Things and Little Things"  
Any time the words truckstop and honeymoon are paired up in any sort of setting, well, that's definitely a need-to-know-more longitude and latitude. In this case, it involves a two-person husband and wife band ensconced at present in Lawrence, Kansas. Them and four kids ... so maybe there's something more to truckstops than most of us know.

"Big Things and Little Things" is very witty at times, a melding of folk and bluegrass serenaded with lots of banjo, some mandolin, guitar and more.

The best cuts to these ears, mind and heart:

* #1 "Big Things and Little Things" - a political cut

* #3 "The Governor of Kansas" - a love versus hate cut that is also political

* #5 "Ugly Part of Town" - why is such always the most irresistable area?

* #6 "Ice Cream Man" - would get someone in a coma moving

* #7 "Montague Street" - loved this best cut of all

* #8 "The Optimist" - a unique take

* #10 "Do You Really Have to Ask" - a need-to-know story in a call and respond song

* #11 "Now We are Six" - the blending plus development of a family

* #15 "Got No Use" - the primary subject is guns but ultimately more expansive

All cuts are FCC compliant.