Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Jimmy LaFave has passed

"Red Dirt music pioneer Jimmy LaFave remembered fondly as talented musician, better friend" -- Michelle Charles

"Jimmy LaFave’s friends rise to meet him at Paramount tribute concert" -- Peter Blackstock

Monday, April 24, 2017

A little yin and yin or yang and yang

In both Ferron's "Cactus" and Garnet Rogers' "After All" are personal struggles with successful outcomes, if you will.

 ...When I was young I was in service to my pain. 
On sunny days you'd find me walking miles to look for rain. 
And as many times I swapped it all just to hop a moving train. 
Looking back, it was a most expensive way to get around...

...Seems to me the tools for being human are wicked crude...

It concludes:

...Now when I imagine life is only time and space... 
then I guess I've seen the best of it upon your tender, loving face. 
And the faith that you bestowed in me gives me a solid sense of place. 

I learn to say...Fire, Water, Earth and Air... 
I learn to say Fire, Water, Earth and Air... 
I learn to say Fire, Water, Earth and Air... 

I'll see you there."

Here's Rogers (a poen by Henry Lawson):

'The light of passion in dreamy eyes.
The page of truth well read.
The glorious thrill in a heart gone cold 
of a spirit once thought dead.
The song that goes to a comrade’s heart.
The tear of pride let fall.
My heart grows brave
And the world to me
Is a good world after all...

Might well be I saw too plain
Or maybe I was blind
But I'll keep my face to the dawning light 
Though the devil stand behind.
Though the devil stand behind my back,
Shall I see his shadow fall,
I'll read in the light of the morning stars
A good world after all.

...Rest for your eyes are weary, love
We drove the worst away.
The ghost of the man I might have been
Is gone from my heart today.
We'll live for life and the best it brings
Till our twilight shadows fall.
My heart grows brave
And the world, to me,
Is a good world after all.
My heart grows brave
And the world, to me,
Is a good world after all.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Joe Crookston

Joe Crookston remains a relatively unknown singer-songwriter probably due to lack of touring in certain areas of the country (not crossing the Mississippi all that often nor coming out West) but he certainly has an extensive repertoire of engaging, memorable songs. Enjoy.

Monday, March 27, 2017

"Before I Go" - Ordinary Elephant

"Before I Go"  

This is not a CD for background 'listening' as the music and lyrics are subtle and need full attention in order to benefit from, let alone appreciate, what is being presented. Definitely recommended if primarily quiet, reflective folk music is your liking.

The latter half of the CD finishes particularly strongly with cuts #7 through #13 all recommended. But discover your own favorites.

The most enjoyable cuts:

*  #2 "Railroad Man"

* #7 "Lady in the Elevator"

* #8 "Who I Am"

* #9 "Evangeline"

* #10 "The Things He Saw"

* #11 "Washington Said East"

* #12 "Before I Go"

* #13 "Thank You"

All cuts are FCC compliant except for "Another Day" at the 0:57 mark.