Monday, March 27, 2017

"Before I Go" - Ordinary Elephant

"Before I Go"  

This is not a CD for background 'listening' as the music and lyrics are primarily subtle and need attention in order to fully benefit from, let alone appreciate, what is being presented. Definite recommended if primarily quiet, reflective folk music is your liking.

The latter half of the CD finishes particularly strongly with cuts #7 through #13 all recommended.

The most enjoyable cuts:

*  #2 "Railroad Man"

* #7 "Lady in the Elevator"

* #8 "Who I Am"

* #9 "Evangeline"

* #10 "The Things He Saw"

* #11 "Washington Said East"

* #12 "Before I Go"

* #13 "Thank You"

All cuts are FCC compliant except for "Another Day" at the 0:57 mark.

"Big Things and Little Things" -- Truckstop Honeymoon

"Big Things and Little Things"  
Any time the words truckstop and honeymoon are paired up in any sort of setting, well, that's a need-to-know-more longitude and latitude. In this case, it involves a two-person husband and wife band ensconced at present in Lawrence, Kansas. Them and four kids ... so maybe there's something more to truckstops than most of us know.

"Big Things and Little Things" is very witty at times, a melding of folk and bluegrass serenaded with lots of banjo, some mandolin, guitar and more.

The best cuts to these ears, mind and heart:

* #1 "Big Things and Little Things" - a political cut

* #3 "The Governor of Kansas" - a love versus hate cut that is also political

* #5 "Ugly Part of Town" - why is such always the most irresistable area?

* #6 "Ice Cream Man" - would get someone in a coma moving

* #7 "Montague Street" - loved this best cut of all

* #8 "The Optimist" - a unique take

* #10 "Do You Really Have to Ask" - a need-to-know story in a call and respond song

* #11 "Now We are Six" - the blending plus development of a family

* #15 "Got No Use" - the primary subject is guns but ultimately more expansive

All cuts are FCC compliant.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

This is a masterpiece

"Between Here and Gone" -- Mary Chapin Carpenter

"Tonight the moon came up, it was nearly full
Way down here on earth, I could feel its pull
The weight of gravity, or just the lure of light
Made me want to leave my only home tonight

Now I'm just wondering how we know where we belong
Is it in a photograph or a dashboard poet's song?
Will I have missed my chance to right some ancient wrong?
Should I find myself between here and gone ...

Now I could grab my keys and peel out in my truck
With every saint on board bringing me their luck
I could drive too fast, like a midnight thief
As if there was a way to outrun the grief

Now I'm just wondering how we know where we belong
In the song that's left behind, in the dream I couldn't wake from
Could I have felt the brush of a soul that's passing on?
Somewhere in between here and gone ...

Up above me, wayward angels
A blur of wings and grace
One for courage, one for safety
One for just in case ...

I thought a light went out, but now a candle shines
I thought my tears wouldn't stop, but then I dried my eyes
And after all of this, the truth that holds me here
is that this emptiness is something not to fear

Yeah, I'll keep wondering how we know where we belong
After all the journeys made and the journeys yet to come
When I feel like giving up instead of going on
Somewhere in between .....

Yeah, I'm just wondering how we know where we belong
Is it in the arc of the moon leaving shadows on the lawn?
In the path of fireflies and a single bird at dawn?
Singing in between here and gone"

This is a masterpiece

"It Ain't Over Yet – Rodney Crowell"

"It's like I'm sittin at a bus stop, waiting for a train
Exactly how I got here is hard to explain.
My heart's in the right place – what's left of it, I guess -
My heart ain't the problem – it's my mind that's a total mess.

With these rickety old legs and these watery eyes
It's hard to believe that I could pass for anybody's prize.
And here's what I know about the gifts that God gave
Ah, you can't take them with you when you go to the grave.

It ain't over yet. Ask someone who oughta know -
Not so very long ago, we were both hung out to dry
It ain't over yet – you can mark my words -
I don't care what you think you heard
We're still learnin' how to fly.

It ain't over yet – for fools like me, who were built for the chase,
It takes a right kinda woman to help you put it all in place.
It only happened once in my life, but man, you shoulda seen -
Her hair two shades of foxtail red, her eyes so far out sea blue green.
I got caught up makin' a name for myself – you know what that's about -
One day your ship comes rollin in, the next day, it rolls right back out.
And you can't take for granted – none of this shit –
The higher up you fly, boys, the harder it is you gonna get hit.

It ain't over yet. I'll say this about that. You can get up off the mat,
Or you can lay there till you die.
It ain't over yet. Here's the truth, my friend – you can pack it in -
And we both know why.
It ain't over yet.

Silly boys, blind to get there first -
Think of second chances as some kind of curse
I've know you forever and ever, it's true -
If you came by it easy, you wouldn't be you.
You make me laugh
You make me cry
You make me forget myself

Back when down on my luck kept me up for days,
You were there with the right word to help me crawl out of the maze.
And when I'd almost convinced myself I was (hipper) than that
You stepped up with a warning shot, fired sweet and low across the bow.
No, you don't walk on water, and your sarcasm stings,
But the way you move through this old world
Sure makes a case for angel wings.
I was halfway to the bottom when you threw me that line -
And I'll quote you now verbatim “Get your head out of your own behind.”

It ain't over yet. What you wanna bet?
One more cigarette ain't gonna send you to the grave.
It ain't over yet.
I seen your new girlfriend – things sure to live in it -
Great big old sparkle in her eye.
It ain't over yet."